Pacc Objectives

Pacc Objectives

The Professional Association of Custom Clothiers was established in 1989. There are nearly 600 PACC members — most in the US. Members can affiliate with local chapters.

How we will meet your needs

PACC members work in home based and commercial settings. Members are:

  • custom clothiers
  • designers
  • sewing educators
  • authors
  • costumers
  • wearable artists
  • image consultants
  • pattern makers
  • production sewing
  • …and other sewing professionals
  • Top rated embroidery patterns

Members may also specialize in specific areas including:

  • bridal and evening wear
  • tailoring
  • millinery
  • alterations
  • skate and dance costumes
  • historical reproductions
  • couture garment construction
  • …and more

Some Importance and Details

There are many way to get started sewing and each one is different. There are a few things that will make the journey a little easier.

This includes learning how to sew all around a curve, making straight lines, and sewing in a line. You will be able to complete a lot of sewing projects if you can do these basic things, so persevere and practice until you feel comfortable doing them. Once you are comfortable, you will want to learn more advanced skills. Some basic things to learn are: how to make buttonholes, how to sew over buttons, how to sew invisible zippers, and how to make bound buttonholes.

A few steps to remember for great sewing: 1. Use several pins to hold the fabric together instead of using one pin. 2. Always know your needles.

3. Make sure the stitch is on top of the fabric and not going underneath it. 4. Make sure the next stitch is pulled tight.

You can also spot clean new clothes with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any staining. It is important to sew with correct seam allowances. Seam allowances are the extra amount of fabric between the edge of your fabric and the seam you are sewing. They are usually but not always 1/2″ on each side. In addition, it is good sewing practice to sew more slowly and to keep your stitches as even as possible. The slower pace allows you to spot any issues in the fabric folds and can help to reduce skipped stitches.

Sewing Machine is a very useful tool. It is a must have for sewing costum good clothing. In the following article, you will find some useful sewing tips especially for beginner sewers. Basic sewing stitches are the most important. Secure stitching and good quality are the two most important things the beginner must consider. It is also necessary to check that the fabric is not too thin and not too thick. Generally, thin fabric requires larger stitches, while thick fabric requires smaller stitches. If the thread tension is too loose, then the thread will not stay on the material and the stitches will not be secure. However, if the thread tension is too tight then it might break the material. Check the bobbin thread by inserting the needle in the thread. Then check if the thread is the same with the top thread. If the top thread is thinner or thicker than the bobbin thread, then you will need to adjust it accordingly.


These are all our personal opinions to you so that you can become a sewing and embroidery expert but rather from these you can also contact us for personal guidance on the Gmail given on our official website Paccprofessionals or

Embroidery and sewing are the 2 main factors both are complete internally linked to each other and cannot be separated so where there is a need of sewing there will be a need for embroidery as well.

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